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Legion paper's unique methods of manufacturing, content purity and quality make Rising Conservation and Museum Board  an ideal choice for lasting performance. The cotton used to manufacture Rising Museum Boards is not from the puffy white flower that we all recognize as cotton, but rather the linters, or byproduct, from the textile industry. Textiles are made using the longest, highest-quality fibers – the rest is discarded. This wasted cotton is salvaged and used to manufacture Rising Museum Boards. Nothing could be more eco-friendly than reusing a product that is considered waste – otherwise this would all end up being thrown away.

Crescent Premium Museum RagMat boards provide optimum archival protection for fine works of art on paper. Recommended for valuable original works of art, rare and antique documents and items of historical importance. Crescent RagMat Museum Solids are made from 100% Cotton. With a solid color throughout, acid-free, and lignin-free. These extra rigid boards  are finished with a special surface sizing for French matting and art media.
Alpharag® Artcare Museum boards are a full range of superior quality boards, made from select 100% virgin cotton fiber and featuring the patented MicroChamber® technology. This board provides a preventive conservation mechanism unavailable in any other museum board, utilizing a unique combination of zeolites and buffering to trap preacidic gases and neutralize their associated acids and degradative by-products.  Alpharag Artcare is available in a comprehensive range of lightfast, non-bleeding colors.