About Us
Mission Statement: 
A marriage of inspired design and preservation practices to ensure beauty that lasts.

Established in 1992, The Back Bay Framery is an independently female owned and operated small business.  Proprietor Kerrie Thomas graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design from Rochester Institute of Technology in 1988.

  As a Certified Picture Framer, Kerrie, also a puzzle fanatic, loves to problem solve. Her ability to combine a timeless design aesthetic with practical and archival framing solutions for her clients sets her store apart from all others. With 25 years of experience in the custom picture framing industry, she is here to ensure the lasting beauty of your art. 

The Back Bay Framery is inspired by what you cherish.

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Gold Leaf Frames Boston

2003 Best of Boston: Boston Magazine
2005 Top 100 Retailer Award: Decor Magazine
2006 Best of Boston:  Boston Magazine
2007 Top 100 Retailer Award: Decor Magazine
What is Water Gilding?
The art of gilding is a process that has remained almost unchanged for hundreds of years.  A moulding profile is milled, carved and sanded.  
Three to ten layers of gesso primer are brushed over the wood profile.  
Coats of clay with a glue binder, called bole, are applied, sanded, and rubbed with steel wool in order to achieve a glass like finish to accept the gold leaf. 

The surface of the frame is dampened with a water-based
 “gilder’s liquor” (usually a mixture of water, alcohol 
and rabbit skin glue), hence the term Water Gilding.

A gilder applies thin layers of gold leaf, 
then burnishes, distresses, adds 
patina to the gold to create the 
look of an historic, period frame.

Most commonly 22karat gold leaf
is used for water gilding because
of its weight and ease of handling.
The result: a beautiful gilded frame.

Lasting Beauty.
Hand water gilded frames can turn an art collection into a museum quality display for your home.  Antique family photos, memorabilia, and personal collections can also be surrounded by the finest frames to create tomorrow’s heirlooms.  These beautiful frames provide you with a fine opportunity to embellish all the art for your home and create true masterpieces.